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Yale Landscape Lab

From the forest to the farm to our hives and grassland, the Yale Landscape Lab offers opportunities for the next generation of landscape-shifting ideas to be tested in a lab context replicating real world conditions. With the soil as floor and the sky as ceiling, we create environments where experimentation is encouraged, and where potential failure is embraced as a necessary step to cultivating an ethic of innovation and sustainability.

The sheer size and diversity of the 136 acre West Campus landscape provides the opportunity to explore and test new solutions that have relevance far beyond our borders. At the Yale Landscape Lab, we create spaces and educational programming that push the boundaries on how the natural environment of a liberal arts university can be used for research, teaching, learning, and community engagement. YLL works with campus partners to create the space and the needed support structures to test hypotheses, devices, and education models at scale in real world settings. Providing at-scale space for innovation and entrepreneurship efforts is key to proving concepts and iterating towards a final product, and is a large focus of the Lab’s efforts. The Lab also promotes experiential teaching methods by providing faculty and students with unique natural outdoor environments in which ideas from the classroom can be made tangible and real. 

350 West Campus Drive
Orange, CT 06477

Sustainability, food, agriculture, at-scale iterations, green design and building, natural resource management, environmental and social justice, health sciences and the environment

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